Handcrafted and hand-wrapped in the heart of traditional soap-making region, our soap is a labor of love by our local artisans in Lebanon.

Labor of Love

The smoothest shea butter and purest essence of olive oil are hand mixed, along with Vitamin E, into our vegetal soap base. Our soaps are produced with a perfect blend of traditional methods - think drying the soap for a full ten days - and modern machinery, which allow us to create the finest craft keeping with industry standards.

Precious Oils, Fine Fragrances

Distilled by the master perfumers of Grasse, each creation captures the Orient’s most treasured blossoms and flowers.

Every fragrance is mixed with a high concentration of essential oils, making it work both on the mind and body for a sensorial and (very relaxing) experience.

Authentic because our soaps are lovingly handmade by local artisans, Natural because we only use naturally derived ingredients, Sensual because we capture rich aromas of the Orient.